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Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. are the owners of Registered Trade Mark :

J-Turbo Line®, Twin Line®, Turboline PC®, J-SC-PC-Plus®, J-SC PC®, Filt-O-Clean®, Super-Clean®, Sure-Loc®, Quick-Connect®, J Spiro-Flo®, Perma Fix®

Slogans / Theme Lines
More Crop Per Drop®, Small Ideas. Big Revolutions.®, Key to Prosperity®, Water is Life®.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. are the owners of Trade Mark :

Jain Drip Light™, J-Turbo Aqura™, Jain Turbo Slim™, Jain Turbo Flat™,
Chapin™, TWIN-WALL™, Marathon Tape™, Drip Hose™, Turbo Tape™ ,
Trickle Guard™, J-Turbo Key Plus™, Jain Emitter™, Mini In Line™, J-Flow™, J-Loc™, Turbo Seal™,
Vari Flow™, Turbo Mist™, Jain Ball Valves™, Jain ARV-C™, Jain Foot Valves™,
Jain Super Flow™, Spin Clean™, Smart-Clean™, Turbo-Clean™, Brush-Clean™, Disclean™, Auto Flush Filter™, Clean-Master™, Filtro-Master™, Easy - Fix™, Quick Fix™, Sure Loc Plus™,



Design of following products has been registered as of the numbers mentioned in pursuance of
and subject to the provision of the Design Act - 1911, and the Design Rules - 1933, India.

Sure-Loc® : Pipe Joint Design Registration No. 183473
J Spiro-Flo™ : Pipe - Product Design Registration No. 183474
Jain ARV-C™ : Air Release Valve Product Design Registration No. 183475
J-SC-PC-Plus® : Dripper Product Design Registration No. 183476
Spin Clean™ : Filter Product Design Registration No. 188843
J-Turbo Key Plus™ : Dripper Product Design Registration No. 188844
Turbo Seal™ : Dripper Product Design Registration No. 191025
Turbo Seal PC : Dripper - Product Design Registration No. 191026
Sure Loc Plus™ : Pipe Joint - Product Design Registration No. 202301
Auto Flush Filter™ : Filter - Product Design Registration No. 202302
Quick Cannect® : Fitting - Product Design Registration No. 205544
Smart Clean™ : Filter Element - Product Design Registration No. 206593
Jain Tough Hose : Twin Line® - Product Design Registration No. 206594
Clean-Master® : Filter Manifold - Product Design Registration No. 206592

Copy Right
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. has the statutory right to use the artistic work of two yellow or golden parallel stripes on a black tube for irrigation, under the Copyright Act 1957, India.

Patent pending for Sure Loc Plus™ Pipe Joint
Patent Pending for snap Fit Joint

Sole Distributorship
M/s. Komet Irrco-Italy, for their complete range of Sprinklers and Rain Guns.
M/s. Hunter Irrigation-USA, for their complete range of Irrigation Products.
M/s. Tefen Manufacture & Marketing Plastic Products Ltd. for there complete range of fertigation/dosing pumps.
M/s. Galcon-Bakarim Agricultural Co-Operative Society Ltd.for their complete range of computerized control systems & other Products.

The information given about Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.'s (JISL) products is without any obligation.
 The technical data concerning JISL's products are typical values subject to alteration. JISL reserves the right to re-design or modify their products without incurring further liability. The actual use of the products by the purchaser / customer is beyond the control of JISL and JISL cannot be held responsible for any loss and / or any consequential liability arising out of incorrect or faulty or mis-use of the products.
• Gallon unit used valumetric & flow indications are in us gallon   • Irrigation Product Catalogue - Revision 03-2008-2009


Small Ideas, Big Revolutions.