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Jain Micro Duct Pipes

Features and Specifications

Jain Micro Duct

  • Jain Micro Ducts are specifically made for installation in the existing (new or old, empty or preoccupied) HDPE / PVC ducts by blowing, jetting or pulling technique. The ducts can be bunched & blown in various combinations & colors thus allowing extra channels for future cabling needs & increased pathway. Its low sliding friction aids in easier blowing & jetting of micro ducts & allows longer pulling distance thus increasing duct integrity resulting in quality installation at lower cost.

  • Jain Micro Ducts are available in 7mm, 10mm & 14 mm OD with different wall-thicknesses.

  • Micro ducts are available with permanently lubricated smooth inner wall or permanently lubricated ribbed inner wall.

Jain Anti-Rodent Duct

  • Ducts are generally installed by direct burial method. At many places rodents are present even at depth of more than one meter below ground level. Unlike human beings the front teeth of rodents grow throughout their life., hence to trim it they chew soft materials like PE & PVC pipes to keep their their teeth within size. This results in damages to the pipes & the cable in it. Jain anti rodents ducts provides the best solution to such problems by incorporating a bitterent in the pipe to dissuade rodents from chewing it. Antirodent ducts are tested at institute for Toxicological Studies, Pune for its antirodent properties. Antirodent ducts are available in various sizes starting from 32 mm onwards.

Jain Fire Retardant Duct

  • Our constant endavour in brining better products to our valued customers we are pleased to introduce Jain Fire Retardant Ducts manufacture as per UL94-V2 specification. State of art testing facility is available in house (flame chamber from Altas, USA) for conducting the fire retardant test.

Technical Specifications


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