Small Ideas, Big Revolutions.
  • Please give your qualitative comments and the ranking where applicable in the forms applicable to the individuals.
  • The assessment is being carried out as a regular / periodical exercise.
  • The information being gathered through this exercise may form part of or be considered for any upgradation, revision with regards to the position / salary / terms and condition of the association of the individuals.
  • Associates are advised to assess all the names listed when you log In, in their different roles as an Associate, Appraiser or Reviewer where applicable.
  • The systems will not accept part have to fill in complete form in one go and once you click the ‘ Submit ’ Button. the form will be moved to farther process and can not be edited thereafter
  • Therefore all associates are advised to complete all stages till the last associate is appearing in the list.
  • The indicates that the form is completed and the indicates that the form is in progress.
  • Your user name is your Employee Code / Punching Card No.
  • Your date of birth as per office records is the default password for you to access forms through your login.
  • Please change the password when you login for the first time and maintain the same with you.
  • Once the password is changed, we may not be in a position to help you to access your login if you lose the changed password.
  • When you log out, please find a form for feedback.
  • Please feel free and fearless to give your frank opinion / feedback.
  • You have option not to disclose your identity by not writing your Name and Department in the feedback form, your identity would be totally protected by the system if you do not write your Name and Department in the feedback form.
  • Please note that your feedback is very important for the organization and would help in relating to your point of view on various aspects.
  • In case you face any difficulty in filling up any form or in case you require any additional information, you may reach out to your Time office or to Mrs. Rajashree Patil, HRD, Plastic Park on mob.9403695901 / Ext. 181. if your queries remains unanswered.
  • You are advised to finish complete process be the 5th November.

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