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Jain Jyot Solar Home Lighting System


A packaged home lighting system which can supply required power for 9 W / 11 W Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) & 20 W Fan / TV (B&W)/ The unit consists of Lead Acid Tubular Battery, Charge Controller with electronic circuitry, charging cable and SPV Panel. Systems for more lighting hours and/or more lamps and fans / TV (B&W) are available on request.

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Pollution-free and eco-friendly
  • 3-4 hours bright but cool light
  • Autonomy for two to three no-sunshine days
  • Easy to Install.
  • No Electric Connection Required, No Electric Bill.
  • System is Completely Shock Proof Due to Low Voltage Circuitry
  • Short Circuit Protection.


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